Aethernaut wins indie prize at Catapult 2021

Dragon Slumber, along with four other Quebec based indie studios, was among the finalists selected for the Catapult program, a competition which seeks to reward the winner with an acceleration program for its game and the studio itself.

On May 27th, streamed live on Twitch (in french), solo developer Kevin Giguere made a passionate pitch for Aethernaut, covering the game's design, business plans and how he would use funds provided by the competition. Following a strong debate, Aethernaut was selected to receive the indie prize from a jury of fellow indie developers.

This comes on heels of Aethernaut's first appearence on TV on the show Planete Techno (in french), where viewers were introduced to Catapult and got to witness the intrigue of Aethernaut and the reality of its development.

Development of Aethernaut now continues with renewed energy, with plans being made to spend the award money on solid voice acting. In the meantime, be sure to check out Aethernaut on Steam and wishlist today!

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